Life Comes In Packages. And Every Event Does Too.

Packaging an event in the right way means creating the unexpected. 

In a world in which nothing seems impossible but at the same time many things are in jeopardy of being immediately forgotten, we believe that extraordinary creativity and a deep understanding of the task at hand make the critical difference. We engineer experiences that people will see and not soon forget, we draw attention and place your brand in the right light in the process.

Matthew Sanceau Multimedia Design for Deutsche Telekom AG / Samsung

In 2019, we founded Sense Light and Event Design in order to generate even better synergies from an extensive professional network that we’ve built up over the course of many years. Our Heads of Creation Yuti Feiler and Matthew Sanceau were previously responsible for the creative division at Skudi Optics – together with their team of specialists, they bring along a wide range of talent, experience and that essential touch of constructive madness that has already enabled clients such as Deutsche Telekom AG / Electronic Beats, Samsung, Bertelsmann, Diesel, Mini, UFA Studios, Universal Music and a host of others to stand out from the crowd.

Let us package your event! 

Our core specialities:

Conceiving, developing and executing light objects, mapping, projections, installations, visuals, animation and motion design for events, festivals, clubs, trade fairs, museums and exhibitions in alignment with our customers’ objectives concerning corporate identity, niche identity and integrative branding.