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WE CALL IT TECHNO! A documentary about Germany’s early Techno scene and culture.
Inspired by new sounds, new technologies and the political events of the time, the early 90s sees the emergence of a scene that euphorically celebrates the dawning of a new era.
In Berlin, Frankfurt and many other German cities, activists tinker on a new music and club culture oriented around the coordinates Techno and House.
At Berlin’s Love Parade in 1991, different local scenes congregate for the first time. The trend turns into a movement. A German Summer of Love, which changes whole lives overnight and kick-starts careers.
The basic principle of Techno stands for experimenting, crossing borders and DIY. Fans become DJs or party promoters. Labels are founded and record stores open up. The scene grows. An independent microcosm is created. Networks are formed away from established structures. For a moment everything seems possible…
WE CALL IT TECHNO! tells the story of a tempestuous phase in music history, the first time that pop culture was created significantly in Germany.

With exclusive interviews and comprehensive, mostly unreleased film and photo archive material from the years 1988-1994!
Incl. Statements from Ata, Cosmic Baby, Mijk van Dijk, Elsa for Toys, Hell, Mike Ink., Jürgen Laarmann, Mark Reeder, Tanith, Triple R, Upstart, Sven Väth, Wolle XDP and many more

“This music had such power that we left everything behind… We felt like a new age was starting and we were the first to notice.” (Upstart, Munich)

“It was like a dance on a vulcano. Like: technology brings us progress, but it’ll also destroy us. On the other hand: who gives a shit, first I’ll just dance.” (Wolle XDP, Berlin)

“We did a lot of space studies at the time. It all tended towards psycho-active stimulation with the aim of going up and it all never coming to an end. Actually, we tried the weirdest stuff. (Elsa For Toys, Berlin)

“1989, after the fall of the Wall, when the Techno movement in Berlin grew from one day to the next, we all felt like we could change the world.” (Cosmic Baby, Berlin)

“The Moment of unity was short, it lasted maybe one summer.” (Ralf Niemczyk, Cologne)

“It’s nice to see that many people in this context made it, that Techno and House isn’t just stupifying music connected to drugs.” (Frank Blümel, Berlin)