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We Are Modeselektor Doku zum ersten Mal Online

By November 28, 2017 No Comments

2012 und 2013 waren wir mit Modeselektor unterwegs und haben das Erfolgs-Duo nicht nur beim touren durch Mexiko, Dänemark, Belgien und einige andere Länder begleitet, sondern die beiden auch oft in ruhigen Momenten im privaten Umfeld getroffen. Dabei herausgekommen ist unser Dokumentarfilm ‘WE ARE MODESELEKTOR!’, den es bisher nur auf DVD and Blu-Ray gab. Jetzt kann man den Film in voller Länge das erste Mal und exklusiv Online auf dem Telekom Electronic Beats TV Youtube Channel sehen.


„An odd duo that raises international mass hysteria and has been creating a credible sound for years now – Modeselektor seems to be a phenomenon in itself.

The search for the origin of this phenomenon leads us into the depths of the biographies of two kids born and raised in East Germany, whose creativity, enthusiasm and idea of a collective brought them from the Berlin suburbs to the city itself and the stages of the world.

To consistently retrace this path the documentary offers a rich variety of archive material, extensive behind the scenes tour footage and the travels to important places of the past and present.

As a result there are very private insights into Sebastian Szary’s and Gernot Bronsert’s life as subversive artists who are – despite their broad success – authentic and who over the years stayed true to where they came from.“

(Romi Agel & Holger Wick)